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Corporate Catfight: Hannah vs Cali (Fist fight/blood/KOs)

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Cali shows up to the studio, a complete mess…but she has bigger things to worry about. She is on the phone with her lawyer and Someone has started the paperwork on her behalf to sell her company!? She has no knowledge of anything about this and in no way has plans to sell her company. 

It doesn’t take her long to find out who’s behind all of this…it’s Hannah! As she finds this out, Hannah walks in with papers to not only have Cali sell her business but also vacate the property immediately! Cali is not about to let this happen to her 2 decades old business, who does Hannah think she is?!

Hannah attempts to physically remove Cali, but she is never one to go down without a fight. And thats what happens next…the two begin to fight. Hair pulling, smacking, belly punches…this is going to be one hell of a fight! 

Cali draws first blood and is out for more against the bitch who is trying to steal her company. This is how Hannah repays her for her employing her handsomely all these years?! 

The two continue to duke it out on the ground exchanging brutal punches and face slaps. Hannah is giving Cali much more of a battle than Cali expected, but Cali reminds Hannah why she is the boss. Cali had Hannah up against the wall by her throat and gets in some strong punches. Neither one is going down easy. 

Battered, bloody, and bruised the hair pulling ensues and takes them both down to the floor where they continue to wrestle it out. With some powerful gut punches and a high heel to the throat, Cali finally puts an end to this…and Hannah.

Cali calls her lawyer back and lets her know she figured out who was behind everything…and has taken care of the threat.

Alternate Ending:

As they both hair pull each other down to the ground, Hannah seems to get in some good punches and has control over Cali. As Cali tries to get out the words that no one will be taking her business, Hannah continues to lay some brutal blows and slaps until Cali finally is out. 

It’s time to be evicted Cali…

This clip runs 20 minutes long and includes catfighting, bare knuckle boxing, fist fight, garter and stockings, high heels, long hair, hair pulling, face slapping, catball, fantasy fighting.

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Corporate Catfight: Hannah vs Cali (Fist fight/blood/KOs)

4 ratings
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